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Update to my post on 3/9/08

I got the first half done! I'm sooooo glad I decided to split the sessions. The birds were 5 hours just for the pair so I think the 8 hour estimate I was previously given was a really conservative one. I decided to get the birds knocked out because I like the idea of one part then another rather than the outline in one sitting then the coloring in another. The worst part of the night was the false sense of security. As anyone who has ever been tattooed will (generally) tell you, the outline is the worst. After that? It's just scratching and hot. Well, for this tattoo the artist had me lay down for the outline. Because of this, all of my fat and tissue settled farther north than usual because there was no darned gravity to get in its way. So, when she started working, it was easy. Really easy. As in look at me being surprised with the easy - I thought this was going to be so much worse! If that was the outline and we all know how much easier the coloring is, I could have actually taken a nap.
But then she wanted me upright for the coloring and shading. Which meant gravity did its job again. And that left skin over my collar bone, rather than the previous buffer zone provided when I was on my back. The tail feathers felt like she was drilling on my collar bone, into my neck and through to my back. I never thought I'd say this about a tattoo, but on those birds? Outline was way easier.

Outline -
Shading -
Final Product -

Thanks again for all your input and when the center is all complete I'll be sure to post a few more pics :)
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