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Body Modifications [entries|friends|calendar]
Piercings and tattoos *show us your mods*

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Wifey's new tattoo (session 1) [ 11:10am | Feb 7th, 2009 ]

It's a mandala representing her totem animals. It was done last night. 3 1/2 hours in. Outlining done and a little shading.

Done by Jedidia Reid at Element Tattoos in San Antonio.

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Newbie! [ 1:21pm | Jan 5th, 2009 ]

[ mood | curious ]

Right now all I have is ear piercings. I eventually want to get my belly button done, and there are three tats that I eventually want to get.

In my left ear I have 3 ear lobe piercings, 2 helix, and 1 rook. In my right I have 3 ear lobe piercings, 1 tragus, and 1 rook.

I have a question to go along with this. The rook piercings are nine days old. The right one is healing perfectly. No swelling, so extra pain, nothing. The left one, two days after I got it, was so swollen the old, established helix piercings were hurting, it was throbbing, and I couldn't fall asleep because it hurt so bad. I continued (and still am) cleaning them twice a day with mild soap, but I added in a 15min epsom salt soak for the infected one. That lasted for about two and a half days.

Now, it's a little bit warmer still that my other ear and a bit more tender. Also... there is a weird bump behind my ear. It's on my head, directly next to my ear. I thought maybe it was a swollen lymph gland from the infection, but I think it's too high up to be a lymph gland.

Does anyone know what this is? Or if I should even worry about it? It's not very big, but it is sort of hard, and sometimes it hurts when it gets pushed on.

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[ 3:36pm | Sep 9th, 2008 ]

Repiercing a VCH... is this possible?

I had a piercer tell me that there'd be too much scar tissue and there'd be the risk of losing sensation down there.

Thanks in advance!

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Update to my post on 3/9/08 [ 9:55am | May 3rd, 2008 ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I got the first half done! I'm sooooo glad I decided to split the sessions. The birds were 5 hours just for the pair so I think the 8 hour estimate I was previously given was a really conservative one. I decided to get the birds knocked out because I like the idea of one part then another rather than the outline in one sitting then the coloring in another. The worst part of the night was the false sense of security. As anyone who has ever been tattooed will (generally) tell you, the outline is the worst. After that? It's just scratching and hot. Well, for this tattoo the artist had me lay down for the outline. Because of this, all of my fat and tissue settled farther north than usual because there was no darned gravity to get in its way. So, when she started working, it was easy. Really easy. As in look at me being surprised with the easy - I thought this was going to be so much worse! If that was the outline and we all know how much easier the coloring is, I could have actually taken a nap.
But then she wanted me upright for the coloring and shading. Which meant gravity did its job again. And that left skin over my collar bone, rather than the previous buffer zone provided when I was on my back. The tail feathers felt like she was drilling on my collar bone, into my neck and through to my back. I never thought I'd say this about a tattoo, but on those birds? Outline was way easier. Here are a couple pics of the process:Collapse ) Thanks again for all your input and when the center is all complete I'll be sure to post a few more pics :)

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I bought my fiance' a anniversary present.. [ 8:13pm | Mar 12th, 2008 ]

She had the idea. Jedi, our tattoo artist, had the creative mind. And here is the finished product.

The tattoo is of Halley's comet. My fiance's namesake. Guy Aitchison was an inspiration for the stylization of the piece.
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[ 10:40pm | Mar 9th, 2008 ]

Wow. So, I just got back from Slinging Ink. Got the last of my tattoo done today. Took me about 1.5 hrs, and then hung around until 8 when I WON THIRD PLACE!! Another guy from the shop won second.

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Chest Piece Tattoo [ 12:31pm | Mar 9th, 2008 ]

[ mood | curious ]

I was wondering if I could get some input on a new tattoo idea. I plan on getting a chest piece within the next few months. I don't want my breasts tattooed, just the space between (about halfway down the bust line) spreading up and out to the collar bone/lower shoulder areas. To kinda give you an idea of what I'm thinking (as far as positioning only - I'm creating my own art) I found these pictures on Flickr:

The questions I have are:
1) can a piece of this size be done in one sitting? (there should be a fair amount of space between the center and the "wings" spreading up the sides, so I'm hoping it would be possible, but I'd like a realistic expectation)
2) what's the pain ratio that high on the chest compared to other tattoo locations?
3) do you think that a woman with this type of tattoo has a diminished feel of femininity?

Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hellos & New Piercing [ 10:35pm | Jan 27th, 2008 ]

[ mood | okay ]

Hi, I just joined this community and my name is Krystal.
I love bodmods but don't have as many as I plan to yet.
I have about 10 piercings on my ears, due to the fact that they were all I was allowed to get until I turned 18.
I turned 18 a little over a week ago and my first non-ear-related bodmod was two nipple piercings =]
I was a little nervous about infections at first but they seem to be healing fine!
I'd like to know of some good online body jewelry stores, especially for nipple rings.
Thank you!

P.S. maybe I will post pictures of my ears sometime (don't think I will of my nipples though ;] lol)

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Labret Questions [ 8:13am | Jan 19th, 2008 ]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm seriously considering a labret piercing and I want to know:

A) Any complications (during or after the actual piercing)?
B) How painful is both the piercing and the healing?
C) How long is the healing time?
D) Did it affect speech in any way? If so, for how long?

Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated! I currently have 9 tattoos, several earrings and a nose stud/eyebrow barbell (the last two I did myself so the pain was much less than that of even the ear piercings - hence why I'm scared over the prospect of the labret).

Thanks in advance!

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ok so... [ 8:46am | Dec 12th, 2007 ]

Im gonna get my tragus pierced again. what are some deffinate ways to avoid "the bubble"?
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[ 10:47pm | Sep 10th, 2007 ]


im looking to add to my ankle tattoo...

can anyone recommend a good tatooist who will sit down with me and help me get the perfect addition to a so-so tattoo... i have found a perfect design off BME but want to make it my own.

Im in melbourne but willing to travel around to outer suburbs if needed...


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for an article: tat you regret? [ 1:34pm | Sep 6th, 2007 ]

I'm a stringer for Glamour magazine. I'm trying to get sources for a story: women 20-40 who are willing to show a picture of a tat that they regret having gotten.

We’ll want to use full name, age, and town, and also need a brief explanation of why she regrets that tattoo, plus phone number and e-mail for factchecking.

The deadline is September 12, AM

If you can help, please drop me an email at clairezulkey@hotmail.com--and feel free to forward this around to anyone who might be interested in helping.


PS I don't believe the thrust of the article is anti-body modification. I think it's just about what these particular women got that they regretted and why.
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has anyone got a bubble on their tragus or other cartilage piercings? [ 4:55pm | Sep 4th, 2007 ]

theres a bubble right above mine. what could be wrong? what should I do?
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Piercings & Surgery [ 10:04pm | Sep 2nd, 2007 ]


i need some help with my piercings...

I am going to have surgery next monday. Last year i had a smiliar proceedure, and all my piercings had to come out, 2hours after my tragus was taken out it closed up... and I had to get it redone, extra money but worth it, since then i have gotten my tongue pierced...i have many more piercings but they arent a problem.

my question is... i am aware that the tongue heels very fast... any suggestions or recommendations to make it not close up?? ive been thinking about putting a see through ring in and "hiding" it as such but that could be life threatening... 
where can i get a small see through bar for my tragus and for a fairly good price..

Im in melbourn australia but any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks

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Nostril Jewelry [ 3:11pm | Jul 2nd, 2007 ]

all I can find are the straight ones here in town (google tells me its called a bone) and I was wondering if it will stay put or would it fall out? Its like an earing stud without the back but smaller. should I bend the ledn in like a 45 degree angle ( like this: ) or leave it? If it wont fall out I'd rather not risk breaking it, but for the price I got it for I can afford another.

Anyway, to bend or not to bend? lol

thanks all!

x-posted again, I promise I wont post again tomorrow lol!

EDIT: I left it, as I could hardly get the thing through to start with, so will just have to hope it doesn't fall out lol. Or should I try pliars up the nose and bend it with it in?
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Nipple piercing [ 12:53am | Jun 22nd, 2007 ]

To those of you who have had it done, is it very obvious? Like if I went out in a normal bra and t-shirt would people be able to tell, or will I have to buy padded bras for tight shirts and stuff like that? Sorry to sounds stupid, by my mother-in-law did enough heavy sighing when she noticed my tongue was pierced. That and its one of those things that is for me and not for everyone to know about and all that!


x-posted lots, sorry!
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[ 1:49pm | Jun 10th, 2007 ]


:D 00 as of last night. a little swollen still but I'm very happy I met my goal size. now looking at them... i still want to go bigger haha! I'll stop for a little while though. Time to go plug shopping!!! So happy.
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piierced. [ 4:31am | May 27th, 2007 ]

[ mood | content ]

My name is Summer. I am 18 years old. I was born&raised in Daytona Beach, FL. I have my belly button&tounge pierced. Just tonite, i got my tounge repierced, and I have had my belly button pierced since I was 13. I used to have my eyebrow& nipples, pierced, but they were taken out because they got infected. I had my belly button professionaly done, and my friend did my tounge. I want to get alot more piercings, and tattoos. Now for the pics.

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[ 2:12pm | May 23rd, 2007 ]

Will anyone with a tattoo on their outter thigh AND upper arm please contact me?

And, If there are any skinny armed chicks with upper arm tatts out there, can you contact me too?

I just have a couple questions that I would like to get answers to =)
pweez xxoxoxx

xposted for best results

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Rookie [ 6:40pm | May 21st, 2007 ]


Awesome to see forums exist where people can openly communicate about things like Ink & Holes.  I've been reading up on some previous posts and this looks like a nice community to settle into.

Just wanted to drop in and greet everyone.


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Hi all! [ 1:19am | May 21st, 2007 ]


tongue bar questions, a bit long winded - sorry lolCollapse )Sorry for being such a newbie. I was worse when I got my tattoo, honest. :)

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[ 11:41pm | Apr 25th, 2007 ]

I should have done this earlier to make my life a little easier.
Please only answer if you have/have had a septum piercing.

Thank you :)

Septum Piercing

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most pain you have experienced) how much did your septum piercing hurt?

View Results

Create your own poll
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[ 11:27pm | Apr 6th, 2007 ]

So... I want to thank everyone who has answered and is still answering my "interview" questions for my articles. Everyone was very helpful and actually inspirational! Guess what... since my septum was something I've been wanting for some time I decided what better way to write an article on the piercing but to get it myself!

Thank's everyone!

Caution: Mega cute picture under the cut!Collapse )
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[ 6:44pm | Apr 5th, 2007 ]


I am currently working on an 2 articles for the first issue of Sinister Tattoo Magazine (http://sinistertattoo.tripod.com/ official site isn't up yet), and I have a couple of questions I would love feedback in the form of personal accounts, links and so on if you were so inclined to participate!

First article:

Do you have any type of body modification that you haven't been able to fully enjoy due to society (i.e. work) related restrictions?

How does it make you feel?

What stealthy ways have you tried to hide tattoos or piercings?

What kind of reactions have you had to your modifications?

Second article:

Will feature septum piercings.

Why did you get your septum pierced?

Explain your personal account of getting your septum pierced.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most pain you have experienced) how much did it hurt?

How quickly did it take for this piercing to heal?

What kind of jewelery do you wear in your septum?

What guage is it?

Please add any other information or tidbits you may find helpful and thank you ahead of time for all of your help!
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[ 12:20am | Mar 5th, 2007 ]

I love my mouth.

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x-posted :)
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