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Right now all I have is ear piercings. I eventually want to get my belly button done, and there are three tats that I eventually want to get.

In my left ear I have 3 ear lobe piercings, 2 helix, and 1 rook. In my right I have 3 ear lobe piercings, 1 tragus, and 1 rook.

I have a question to go along with this. The rook piercings are nine days old. The right one is healing perfectly. No swelling, so extra pain, nothing. The left one, two days after I got it, was so swollen the old, established helix piercings were hurting, it was throbbing, and I couldn't fall asleep because it hurt so bad. I continued (and still am) cleaning them twice a day with mild soap, but I added in a 15min epsom salt soak for the infected one. That lasted for about two and a half days.

Now, it's a little bit warmer still that my other ear and a bit more tender. Also... there is a weird bump behind my ear. It's on my head, directly next to my ear. I thought maybe it was a swollen lymph gland from the infection, but I think it's too high up to be a lymph gland.

Does anyone know what this is? Or if I should even worry about it? It's not very big, but it is sort of hard, and sometimes it hurts when it gets pushed on.
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