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Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark

Nipple piercing

To those of you who have had it done, is it very obvious? Like if I went out in a normal bra and t-shirt would people be able to tell, or will I have to buy padded bras for tight shirts and stuff like that? Sorry to sounds stupid, by my mother-in-law did enough heavy sighing when she noticed my tongue was pierced. That and its one of those things that is for me and not for everyone to know about and all that!


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people are only going to be able to tell if you're wearing something like a wife beater with no bra.
-nods- ok, thanks :)
mine kind of shows through but no one notices, unless the shirt is super thin. Then again, I wear a slightly padded bra, but then again [again lol] it's only like...2-3 millimeters thick. so you should be fine ith a slightly sturdy bra.

I do know for a fact that silk bra's are out of the question unless the shirt is made of thicker material than cotton [or if you're wearing a sweater].

Sorry if this is incoherent. It was late and I was tired.
I have a few padded bras, for some reason I am loosing weight but getting bigger boobs, so will have to get all new bras anyway, so will get padded ones. :)

Was thinking if the balls on the barbell are small enough it should be all ok :)

thanks so much for the reply and help!

Take care and get some sleep :P
i got mine done last friday. i put gauze in my bra. only cuze the cold makes them hurt, not really hurt. just like someone pinching or bitting u. lol. if i only have my night shirt on or a tank top. they just look hard like im cold. I cant what to get my belly done;0)